Ice Cream.

I am a salty person. I would choose chips over cake any day. I don’t enjoy overly sweet anything. The darker the chocolate the better. But my weakness is ice-cream.  On my first date with my boyfriend, he passionately shared his love of gelato with me. We quickly bonded over our common interest. Having taken… Continue reading Ice Cream.


Throughout my life, celebrations have always been centered around food and those you get to share it with. Birthdays, holidays, special moments in life. Where are we going to eat or what will we be making? Oftentimes the meal is what would be remembered most from the particular day.  Throughout the last few months, we… Continue reading Celebrations.

Three Things I Always Have in the Fridge.

In Garance Dore’s podcast, she ends her discussions with some rapid fire questions. One of them is, “What are three things you always have in your fridge?”. I always enjoy hearing people’s answers to this, so I thought I'd share the three things I always have in my fridge: Eggs I despise cooking but I… Continue reading Three Things I Always Have in the Fridge.