Lunch Box.

During the second week of March was when my workplace started preparing to work from home due to Covid-19; everything was a little rushed with a lot of unknowns. For the first time in eight years, I would be working from home. I remember double checking my desk drawers one last time to make sure… Continue reading Lunch Box.


Moccione (moc·ció·ne) can be used as a noun and an adjective. The definition of moccione, when translated from Italian, is a bratty person; it is also a dirty snot. Moccione is a tiny restaurant that boasts big energy. With only 24 seats, the owners wanted a space that felt like you were their personal guests… Continue reading Moccione.

Three Things I Always Have in the Fridge.

In Garance Dore’s podcast, she ends her discussions with some rapid fire questions. One of them is, “What are three things you always have in your fridge?”. I always enjoy hearing people’s answers to this, so I thought I'd share the three things I always have in my fridge: Eggs I despise cooking but I… Continue reading Three Things I Always Have in the Fridge.

Food Stories Amid a Pandemic.

Food shopping only really piqued my interest  when I moved to the Little Italy of Montreal; it was no longer a one stop shop in a chain grocery store but rather a treasure hunt across numerous places. We would stop at two or three vegetable/fruit stalls at the Jean Talon market along with the organic… Continue reading Food Stories Amid a Pandemic.